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Burrini’s & Sons Powerwashing & Roof Cleaning Systems

Deck Restoration

Burrini’s & Sons Powerwashing & Roof Cleaning Systems based out of Randolph, NJ, restores decks and makes siding look new again with our power washing services.

Deck Restoration

Our experienced power washers provide deck restoration services to clean and preserve the appearance and structural integrity of your deck or patio. We work with composite wood or vinyl decks, using power high pressure cleaning equipment to remove mildew, algae, and dirt. We can quickly blast away these substances on any deck surface to ensure it looks as good as new again. When we’re finished, your deck will look brand new again. With every power washing service, we also use low pressure cleaning for the walls surrounding the deck to ensure the entire area is spotless. Regular deck restoration and cleaning ensures it will last for many years and look pristine in every season.

Your Deck Will Look New Again

Your deck is a major investment. It’s also a source of family gatherings, neighborhood parties, and other special events. Protect your investment and let your deck shine with new stain and sealant. Our high-quality products and proven techniques will turn your deck back into the family gathering spot. Even decks that state they don’t need maintenance still require a thorough power washing. Snow, sun, ice, rain, and hail all leave their mark on your deck. Let us remove years of weathering and restore the beautiful look of your deck.

The Burrini’s & Sons Process

Every deck no matter how old can be turned into a beautiful masterpiece that can be enjoyed by all who spend time on it. We at Burrini’s & Sons provide every deck with the right process to prolong its life to cut costs to you.

  • The First Step is “Prepping”All decks, no matter how new, need to be thoroughly cleaned with a common method called power washing. Decks hold dirt, pollen, moss, and mildew inside and on the surface of the wood. In order to extract all exterior elements, we use high pressure washing with soft tips. After deck is washed, your deck will need time to dry out.
  • Second Step is SandingWe sand all our decks. All Handrails and spindles get sanded by hand or with the use of a palm sander. Floors of decks get sanded as needed. After we sand, we blow the deck off of any excess sawdust.
  • Third Step- Refinishing Your DeckWe use an HPLV sprayer to apply our stains and then brush the stain into the wood BY HAND. This process is called “Back brushing”. Brushing our decks by hand ensures that the stain is worked into the wood and therefore will hold up better than any other method. We apply two coats to all horizontal surfaces (handrails & floorboards) in a “wet on wet” process. After all stain is applied you will need an allotted time to allow the stain to set and dry. The process is now completed. “ENJOY YOUR DECK”

Certified to Handle Any Species of Wood

  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Pressure Treated
  • Mahogany
  • IPE
  • Composite
  • Teak
  • Monkey Wood

Highest Quality Materials

You want the best quality materials and equipment used to restore your deck. We have experience in the use of the following stains from the best manufacturers to guarantee your satisfaction:

Sherwin Williams
  • Penofin
  • Cabots Australian Timber Oil
  • TWP
Benjamin Moore

Oil or Water-based Sealers? Call us to find out which is right for your deck.
Combined with our proven methods and preparation, these products will make your deck look new again.

What is Stripping a Deck?

Want to change the color of the old deck you just moved into? Tired of the same old stain year after year?
Power washing and stripping are two very different processes that we at Burrini’s & Sons have plenty of experience in performing. Call us for details.

Need Deck Repairs?

Do some boards on your deck look cracked or seem warped? Are the railings loose or the nails rotten through? Give us a call and we will come out and take a look at your deck right away. We have the skills and experience to replace those pieces of old wood for you. Since we are already on the job you save time and money which is what our goal for you.

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